In 1999, U.S. Realty Properties, L.L.C. was created by Gregory E. Neistat to provide complete real estate services to its clients. Whether you are building, selling, buying or financing real estate, U.S Realty Properties, L.L.C. can assist in all of your needs.

Home Construction
U.S. Realty Properties, L.L.C. is a Buffalo Grove-based builder of custom and semi-custom single-family homes throughout the Chicago area. Its principles are based on providing direct contact during the building process that emphasizes attention to its clients needs.

U.S. Realty Properties, an Illinois Licensed Broker. Compared to most of the large brokerage houses, we guarantee large savings through our rebate programs.

Through its affiliations with mortgage brokers and lenders, U.S. Realty Properties, L.L.C. will assist in locating the most aggressive interest rates for the purchase or refinance of your home.
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